We focus on complex solutions

Angular in combination with Cordova allows to write one code for all the gadget options. As a result - less bugs, the result is faster and better.


You can find a personal trainer with any specialization

Any Place

People from anywhere in the world are available to you.


Log in through the most popular social networks without registration


You can find a personal trainer with any specialization

Always with you

Buy and sell cryptocurrency anytime


View information on falling and raising coins and buy at a profitable peak

Possible monetization options

Certainly the creator of the application should be worried about monetization options, before you even wrote the program


The simplest, yet the most primitive. the monetization method is selling advertising. There are always people who will pay for quality traffic.

Paid subscription

One of the best monetization options is value-based sales. If the features the program provides are useful and cost less than alternatives, they will be paid for.

Sale of software

The monetization Steve Jobs dreamed of. Mass sales on the dollar. In 2019, Apple registered a billionth user. The market is huge.

Conquering loyalty

Besiege Wei to rescue Zhao. Several of your mobile applications can lead the customer for in app purchase by increasing loyalty to the Brand


Hold conferences with teachers online and learn new things

Plan your schedule

You can choose the day and time of your lesson.


Do your homework right in the application and send it to the teacher for verification


Simple and very interesting game Jumper is the best killer of your free time!


The game is reminiscent of the famous Flappy Birds game, but it is here that the more qualitative physics of movements and picture are realized


Don't let her get caught in a fox's mouth or a crab's claws. The longer you hold on, the more obstacles you'll encounter.

Games as a monetization option

It all started with the games.

Few people know that companies like Atari are at the origin of the entire computer industry. It was children who motivated adults to buy...

Easy to Monetize

Transparent monetization scheme. This can be both internal purchases and just the price for purchasing the game. Not to mention exclusive sales.

Fast Prototyping

It is easy enough to make a prototype of the game to find the ultimate publisher who will finance the idea.

Jumper Cool

The essence of the game is this: you, in the role of a strange ghost must move on special islands and gain cherished points.


The game requires patience and accurate calculation, sometimes it is better to think about the move a few steps forward.


To compete with friends can be in a special rating table. After all, playing in the company is much more fun.


Knifes UIS is a simple casual device game designed to kill your free time.

Simple and easy

The whole training process is painted for every day, to each exercise there is a detailed description and image.

Difficulty Levels

At the initial stage, you can choose your level of fitness and gradually improve it.


Read anywhere and anytime just by squeezing out a book

Audio books

Listen to audio books with the convenient built-in player

Extensive library

Over 10 thousand books for every taste and special collections with discounts just for you